Pallet is a Social Purpose Corporation, meaning we have a double bottom line – people and profit. We believe everyone should have a safe place to sleep. Preventing and reducing homelessness, both through the high-quality products we build and the invaluable people who build them. We are second-chance friendly; hiring and investing in people actively engaged in recovery and reintegration. In multiple ways, the purchase of a Pallet product gives someone a safe place to begin again.

The Pallet Shelter provides safety and stability in a compact, rapidly assembled personal shelter. It is adaptable to many different scenarios: disaster relief, temporary or homeless housing, emergency response, and agriculture worker housing. Quick to deploy, robust and reusable Рit can be set up in as little as 20 minutes. Beds fold up or down to sleep as many as 4 adults or create a spacious living area.

The Pallet Community is an innovative solution to meet the needs of people getting reestablished following a disaster or crisis situation. It is an all-in-one package including shelters for 32, toilets, showers and kitchen that can be rapidly deployed and installed.

All products are Patent Pending.