The Pallet Shelter System is a high-quality housing unit that is adaptable to many different scenarios: disaster relief, temporary or homeless housing, emergency response and military operations. Quick to deploy, robust and reusable – it is ready to be an invaluable solution to those in need of shelter.


  • Quick and easy to set-up and disassemble
  • Sleeps up to 4 adults and has built-in storage shelves
  • Safe, secure and private
  • Lightweight and compact when collapsed, minimizing storage and shipping costs
  • Adaptable to both cold and hot climates, includes a floor to stay above wet ground
  • High quality materials, long lasting and easy to clean


  • Quick-connect pin assembly (Patent Pending) allows shelter to be set up by 2 people in less than 20 minutes without tools and re-used multiple times while maintaining the structural integrity
  • Fold-up bunk system allows for customizable sleep and living space consisting of 4 beds and 3 shelves
  • A robust shelter with lockable door, windows with pull down blinds
  • Collapses to 12 inches in height, weighs approximately 300 pounds, can be carried by 4 people, and designed to pack 14 shelters into a shipping container
  • Secure ventilation system and optional solar shade for hot climates. Optional insulation and heating for cold climates
  • Top-grade materials and easily sanitized surfaces that are resistant to mildew and bed bugs


  • Solar power system for LED light and phone charger
  • Insulated floor and walls
  • Electric or propane heat
  • Various mattress options
  • Multiple paint styles and options, both internal and external