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Community check in: Riverside, California

May 10, 2021

Pallet shelters at Riverside Cabin Village Shelter.  Photo courtesy City Net

Pallet shelters at Riverside Cabin Village Shelter. Photo courtesy City Net

Moving out of homelessness is complex, and the path to stability varies from person to person. However, one proven factor in improving the odds of long-term success is transitional housing. Riverside Cabin Village Shelter offers this critical step with Pallet shelters.

The southern California community opened in March 2020 with 30 shelters. City Net, a nonprofit organization addressing homelessness through the coordination of community efforts, is the service provider. They’ve partnered with the City of Riverside. Residents have access to 24-hour wraparound services, including program supervisors, case managers, and housing navigators. Meals are also provided.

Riverside Cabin Village Shelter has four ADA-compliant units, dining areas, showers, restrooms, a pet area, bike racks, and a resource center for program participants. In addition, each shelter has a locking door, personal climate control, windows, and more.

Celebration and community are two cornerstones at Riverside. Part of the process of getting back on track is securing lost identification from social security cards to birth certificates. When they arrive in the mail, it’s celebrated. Receiving a housing voucher is also a joyous time. People staying at Riverside form friendships and support one another as they reflect and make plans. Rather than site staff, residents develop their own ideas for activities — one being the construction of vision boards, a collage of images affirming one’s desires and dreams. Everyone staying at Riverside wants to be there and to be self-sufficient.

March 16, 2020 - April 30, 2021 impact:
● 149 people served
● 49 people received tenant-based rental assistance (TBRA)
● 41 people permanently housed
● 25% increased their income
● 3 people reunified with family

Success story:
Born and raised in the City of Riverside, Danielle grew up in a broken home. This lack of stability and familial support contributed to her falling into homelessness. Danielle was enrolled into the Riverside Cabin Village Shelter in September of 2020 and immediately got to work with her City Net Case Manager, working towards her personal goals of increasing employment and ending her homelessness. With the help of her Case Manager, Danielle located a rental unit near her place of employment to increase her hours of work and monthly income. Once approved for her new apartment, City Net helped her with the move-in process and provided her with a deposit and first-month rental assistance. Danielle has remained housed since January of 2021.

We’re excited for Danielle and what’s to come for her in the coming years. Moving into a supportive environment helped her reach her goals.

Too often, people experiencing homelessness are considered lost causes, but that’s not the case at the Riverside Cabin Village or any other Pallet shelter village. Any one of us could succumb to circumstances that require a helping hand. We’re proud to partner with City Net and the City of Riverside to support our neighbors in need.

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