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Debunking Myths: Homelessness is a choice

Hostile architecture and its impact on unhoused people

What happens in a Pallet shelter village

Year in Review: 2021 at Pallet

Ready to give for the holidays? What to donate

Four ways to fund a Pallet shelter village

Oakland addressing homelessness with Pallet shelters

J.J. found purposeful work at Pallet

Veterans move into Pallet shelters

From winter to summer Pallet shelters can weather the conditions

Five items you can donate to help your homeless neighbors

Defining the types of homelessness

Debunking myths: Homelessness is a personal failure

3+ reasons why cities need warming centers

How does winter affect homelessness?

Daniece builds Pallet shelters and helps others in recovery

New Beginnings Pallet shelter village opens in Arkansas

How Pallet provides a transitional step to permanent housing

FAQ’s about becoming a second chance employer

Five tips to become a second chance employer

Build a Pallet shelter village in three steps

A.J. is maximizing his second chance at Pallet

Pallet introduces bathrooms for shelter villages

Debunking homelessness myths: They are not local

Just Do What You Can: A poem on the challenges of being homeless

Pallet shelter village opens in Everett, WA

Profile: Chris Hernandez, Chandler Blvd. Tiny Home Village case manager

Pallet Founder and CEO Amy King talks building shelter for people experiencing homelessness and more in podcast interview

We are All Here: A poem on living without a home

Observing Juneteenth at Pallet

From homelessness to building transitional housing

New Pallet shelter village opens in Burlington, Washington

Putting people before profit: Why we’re a Social Purpose Company

Community check in: Riverside, California

The streets can’t be a waiting room. Why Pallet is one solution to unsheltered homelessness.

Pallet employee Josh thought the life he has today was out of reach

What’s in a name? How we chose Pallet

Homeless count report paints a ‘devastating’ picture

Green energy powering Santa Clara County Pallet shelters

Pallet and LA Conservation Corps Partnership to Bring Hundreds of Shelters for People Experiencing Homelessness

A look at our impact in 2020

Los Angeles Opens Its First Shelter Village

Minimum Design Requirements

Interview with Pallet Founder and CEO, Amy King

A Better Crisis Response

How to Provide Winter Shelter for People Experiencing Homelessness

Can People Experiencing Homelessness Vote?

Behind the Scenes Interview: Riverside Shelter Community

Pets and Homelessness

Expanding Impact with Construction for Change

Daniece Experienced Homelessness, Now She's Working to End It

How Will the Coronavirus Affect Homelessness?

Matthew’s Path Out of Homelessness

Why People Experiencing Homelessness Don’t Accept Shelter

Resume Not Required

Building Shelter for People Experiencing Homelessness

3 Innovative Ways to Protect People Experiencing Homelessness from Coronavirus

Why Coronavirus Risk is Especially High for People Experiencing Homelessness

Los Guilicos Shelter Village for People Experiencing Homelessness

3 Reasons We Designed Our Shelters Without Bathrooms

States With More Families Experiencing Homelessness Than Individuals

5 Myths About Homelessness

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