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Pallet 2022 Impact Report

Why rapid-response interim shelter is crucial  

Dignity as a Guiding Principle

Debunking Myths: Shelter villages are crime hotspots

How homelessness impacts marginalized communities

Going Beyond Permanent Housing

Sarah: Taking the next right step

Introducing PathForward™

Pallet shelters can weather the elements

Creating a safe environment   

Why housing is a human right

Debunking Myths: Tribes get money. Homelessness shouldn’t be a problem.  

Jennifer & Alan: Closing the loop through giving back 

6 Impacts of Homelessness Unique to Indigenous Communities 

Pallet builds its 100th village 

Year in Review: 2022 at Pallet 

Village of Hope: Helping formerly incarcerated people start fresh 

From a tent to homeowner: Pallet employee Alex on accomplishing his goals 

Debunking Myths: There are enough emergency shelter beds for homeless people

Homelessness Glossary Part II: 12 terms to know 

Lacey is thriving not surviving

From second chance to fair chance: Why we’re changing our language

The early days of Pallet as told by longtime employees

Tim’s story: From a Pallet shelter village to housing

How extreme weather harms unhoused people

Q&A: Mayor Cassie Franklin on addressing unsheltered homelessness

Debunking Myths: Homeless people shouldn’t own pets

Finding peace together: Damone and Blue

A supportive little friend: Juan and Pepe

Serving as emotional support: Daisy and My Lady

Always protecting family: Lynette, BooBoo and RaRa

Best friends from the start: John and Walter

Building a path to permanent housing at Esperanza Villa