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Pallet 2021 impact report

February 22, 2022

Pallet shelter villages fill an essential yet missing gap in the housing spectrum. Our dignified transitional communities help people move from unsheltered homelessness. Pallet shelter villages welcome pets, partners and possessions. A resource net of on-site social services, food, showers, laundry, and more, helps people transition to permanent housing. 

In 2021, requests for Pallet’s innovative solution significantly increased. We partnered with dozens of cities and local service providers to address the homelessness crisis. We built 34 new villages and 1,343 sleeping cabins, expanding our footprint to nine states. Pallet’s workforce also grew to meet this growing need. Pallet is a second chance friendly employer. We believe potential — not the past — defines people’s futures. We hire people who have been homeless, are in recovery, and/or were previously incarcerated. Their lived experience is vital in helping us design and build restorative communities.

This year we plan to continue expanding access to transitional housing. With each new village opening, we get closer to our vision of a world where no one goes unsheltered. Read the full impact report below.

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