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We're a Public Benefit Corporation

Unlike traditional companies, which exist to maximize profits, a Public Benefit Corporation pursues social purpose goals to make the world a better place. We're building a company where the mission is the driving force, not a substantial return on profits. A company helping to create a world where all people, in all circumstances, have the shelter that meets the needs of their families and communities.

Shelter For The People,
By The People

Pallet hires and invests in people actively engaged in recovery. More than half of our team has experienced homelessness, substance use disorder, or the criminal justice system, and has found stability through meaningful employment. Employment at Pallet includes job training, support services, and a long list of other benefits.

Job Training

We’re builders at heart — whether we’re building a shelter or someone’s future — and train our employees with the skills they need to be successful. These skills apply not only to building shelters at Pallet, but any building in the construction industry.

Life Training

A life of stability requires more than a career and a paycheck. That’s why Pallet brings experts to its manufacturing headquarters each month to advise its employees on life skills, such as how to open a bank account.

Personal Support

Sometimes life happens and we all hit a speed bump. That’s why the team at Pallet is here to provide support, and help its employees through their personal challenges based on our own lived experience.

We want the world to see that people’s futures are defined by their potential, not their past history.

– Amy King, Pallet Founder and CEO

People are our bottom line

We invest in people to maximize the potential of our employees and the communities they serve. As a Living Wage Certified Employer, we strive to build people up by providing meaningful, living wage employment in a purpose-driven environment. Pallet builds transitional shelters for displaced people who are in crisis, and we’re hiring.

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