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No one should go unsheltered when shelter can be built in a day. Pallet is the leader in rapid-response shelter villages that combine the dignity of personal space with the healing of community.

Privacy & Community

Unsheltered homelessness is a traumatic experience. We prioritize creating private and safe spaces for anyone in this transitional moment and building a community. From private sleeping cabins with lockable doors to on-site resources, our village residents have peace of mind while they rest their heads in a safe space.

Rapid & Scalable

Homelessness is a matter of life and death. We’re responding to this emergency with solutions built fast, at scale to save lives, now. The faster people are moved off the street and into transitional housing, the earlier their path to stability can begin. Each shelter can be assembled in under an hour, while more traditional methods of housing people experiencing homelessness could take years.


Pallet shelter villages can be built at a fraction of the cost of traditional homeless shelters and are proven to help people transition into permanent housing. We can offer a cost-effective price point because we use fiberglass reinforced plastic with a foam insulating core for the panels and shelves. Plus, we use aluminum framing.


Pallet shelter villages combine the safety of private units with the benefits of a communal environment. We offer personalized on-site social services, food, showers, and laundry to help people transition to permanent housing.


End-to-End Support

Pallet has built thousands of sleeping cabins for people experiencing homelessness. We have end-to-end expertise in the multistakeholder process required to create healing shelter villages at speed and scale. Our team offers personalized, consultative services to municipalities and nonprofits of all types and sizes.

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