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Emergency and Disaster Shelters

Pallet shelters can be assembled in under one hour, whether you need to house career firefighters, displaced families, or an on-site emergency management team. As a reusable structure, they’ll go wherever disaster takes you. Get ready to build a base camp for resource support, mass care, disaster relief, or firefighting. 

Communal for Camaraderie

Each village is composed of multi-functional shelters, centralized bathrooms, and a dining facility. Our shelters can be used as bedrooms, storage units, or office space. Bathrooms have lockable doors with private shower units.

Build an emergency center – rapidly

Our quick-build villages provide relief and support. Build sleeping units, storage offices, and medical hubs with basic tools. Pallet keeps extra units on-site in the greater Seattle area so we’re ready to deploy when disaster strikes.


Built fast, at scale. Pallet shelters are reusable and easy to assemble with basic tools. Each shelter can be disassembled 40+ times to travel anywhere disaster strikes. With each deployment, they can be built by our team or yours.


Pallet shelters come in two different sizes: 64 or 100 sq. ft. Each disaster-response shelter houses two to four people. Easily connect Pallet shelters to power sources for electricity, heating, and air conditioning. Plus, shelters have spacious built-in and under-bed storage. Each unit is resistant to the mold, mildew, rot, and pests.


Our cost-effective shelters are designed for moments of transition. For example, a shelter could be used to distribute emergency supplies, or as a temporary office for on-site doctors. With interchangeable bed and desk options, you can unlock the possibilities of Pallet.

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Go wherever disaster takes you.

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