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Pallet’s PathForward™ homelessness advisory services help cities end homelessness by providing customized, dignified, and cost-effective solutions that address the root causes and impacts of homelessness in communities.
Our team of experts and people with lived experience work with cities to advance compassionate and innovative strategies that fit their needs and empower communities. 
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How Can Pallet Help?

PathForward is available to support cities and their leaders who are unsure of what steps to take to solve homelessness in their communities. PathForward supports by understanding the unique challenges, defining goals, and building out solutions with funding roadmaps. We are experts in providing wholistic homelessness and housing solutions in partnership with cities to deliver impactful solutions.
The scope of our work includes:

  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment and Strategic Plan 
  • Capacity Building and Partnerships
  • Programs, Projects, Policy Development, and Implementation Support 
  • Advancing Wholistic Innovative Strategies

Click below to learn more, and for more detailed information on pricing and available services, please email PathForward@palletshelter.com and someone from our team will be in touch.

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A Compounding Crisis

Now more than ever, community leaders want to solve homelessness. But faced with a lack of funding, limited data, small teams, public opposition, and a complicated network of government agencies and policies to navigate, this crisis continues to grow. Cities and leaders are struggling with a compounding issue. They need advanced wholistic solutions that address the problem at the root cause.  

There is a Solution

PathForward homelessness advisory services has a deeper and broader understanding of the issue and how to solve it backed by data and expertise. Since 2016 Pallet has been working with cities to provide solutions that are dignified, cost efficient, and effective in ending homelessness. We assess the needs in your community and build actionable solutions that create pathways out of homelessness. 

Start your Journey 
with PathForward

Join other cities in developing innovative solutions to end the homelessness crisis.
We believe collaboration can have a lasting impact. 

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