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PathForward™ Solutions and Capabilities

Pallet’s PathForward™ homelessness advisory services goes beyond our rapid-response shelter model to provide dignified, cost efficient, effective, and individualized support for localities striving to end unsheltered homelessness. Our services address the reintegration ecosystem of homelessness–looking at policies, social services, economic viability, basic needs, housing supply, and funding–in tandem with exploring shelter solutions and emergency responses to end homelessness in your community.

PathForward can support you with:

Community Needs Assessment   
Includes the full suite of supportive services in standing up a Pallet village program, or other models of non-congregate shelter in your community (e.g., identifying funding support, community engagement and education, etc.) 

Policy Research & Development  
Examples include assessing housing and tenant policies, homelessness prevention, encampment policies and more. 

Program Research & Development  
Research and detailed reports identifying best practices around homelessness-related programs. For instance, implementing crisis response and outreach teams to address homelessness in your community.  

Community Needs Assessment  
Drafting a comprehensive report which analyzes city/county homelessness needs, gaps, and assesses current efforts and plans. 

Funding Roadmap  
A thorough report which includes a deep dive into the grant funding available for homelessness programs in your community. 

Capacity building and Partnerships 
Includes technical assistance and training, as well as facilitating relationships and partnerships with leading organizations who can support you in driving continuous improvement strategies. 

Project Management 
Operational support implementing plans to end unsheltered homelessness and facilitating coalitions and teams to drive solutions forward. 

Whether you are looking for one-off advice, a special project or long-term ongoing consultative services, PathForward is here to help. We offer flexible services, which includes the full suite of services and offerings as well as ongoing strategy, project management, and partner facilitation.

For more detailed information on pricing and available services, please email PathForward@palletshelter.com, and someone from our team will be in contact with you.
At Pallet, we are mission-driven problem solvers.
Our model is results-driven, prioritizing actionable, effective plans to end homelessness. We see homelessness as a human rights crisis necessitating urgent, bold action–and we will go above and beyond to create real and lasting change.

Why PathForward

Pallet has partnered with over 60 cities in 18 states to support people transitioning from homelessness through our villages. Learning from over 100 village communities we have worked closely with, PathForward has deep knowledge and expertise in: 
and Wholistic Strategies: 
We utilize a wholistic model, looking for the intersectional root cause and impacts of homelessness. 
Making and Adaptability: 
We are nimble, and quickly pivot in response to opportunities and challenges. We adapt to new information and advance the most cutting-edge strategies to combat the crisis. 
A Focus on
Actionable Solutions:
We prioritize action-oriented work with practical solutions. We identify advantageous, realistic, and data-backed strategies to make a meaningful difference. 
We leverage our partnerships with leading service providers, housing organizations, policy makers and many others as we believe in the transformative power of collaboration.
Subject Matter Expertise: 
At Pallet, everything we do is anchored by people with lived experience. Our work is directly shaped and informed by cities’ needs, and people experiencing homelessness.
Tailored to
Your Challenges:
We understand how complex and challenging homelessness is. Every community experiences it differently–which is why our solutions are uniquely tailored to fit your community. 
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