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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pallet a for profit company?

Pallet is a social purpose company, a hybrid of a for profit and non-profit. Our profits are reinvested into our social purpose missions.

Do you offer single shelters to individuals?

No, we only build shelters in a village format with on-site services.

Are Pallet's shelters made of wood pallets?

No, our shelters are made of a combination of highly durable materials resistant to mold and rot. Learn why we chose the name Pallet.

How do I move into a Pallet village?

Pallet's shelters are managed by independent, local service providers. Please contact the service provider for your local village directly.

Who builds Pallet's shelters?

Pallet employs people with lived experience in homelessness to design and build its shelters.

How much do the shelters cost?

Pallet's shelters start at $5,495 each.

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Pallet Factory Headquarters

1930 Merrill Creek Parkway, Suite A

Everett, WA 98203

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