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S2 EnSuite

The Palletâ„¢ S2 EnSuite is the new addition to our industry-leading line of rapid-response shelters, combining the comfort of our Sleeper model with the convenience and dignity of in-unit hygiene facilities. The 120 sq. ft. (11.15 m2) floor plan can accommodate a bed, desk, and customizable shelving unit, creating a comfortable environment to rest and recharge.

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Details & Specifications




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  • Locking door
  • Residential energy efficient windows
  • Integrated customizable shelving system
  • Three 120V convenience plugs
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Smoke detector
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Fire extinguisher
  • One 70 CFM exhaust fan
  • On-demand electric water heater
  • Flush toilet
  • Standard wall-mounted sink
  • Stall shower
  • Emergency window opening
  • Water diversion with integrated awning
  • Pedestal leveling system
  • Patent pending tray foundation system for easy assembly on any surface
  • Insulated FRP walls
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • All materials of construction are non-organic, reducing mold, mildew, and pests

*Designed and manufactured in the U.S.

Optional Features

  • Through wall heater/AC combo unit
  • Freestanding standard twin bed
  • Freestanding desk
  • Mattresses fitted with bedbug-resistant covers


  • Improved fire rating
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Smoke detector
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Sturdy slab door frame with kick plate and peephole
  • Emergency exit window
  • Slip-resistant floor

Warranty & Classifications

  • Standard manufacturer’s warranty
  • 10+ year material lifespan
  • Resistant to mold, mildew, rot and pests
  • 155 mph sustained wind rating, up to 200 mph gusts
  • 49 lb. per square foot snow load rating

Assembly & Storage

  • Assembles and disassembles in under two hours with minimal tools
  • Build and rebuild multiple times
  • Disassemble for relocation
  • Shipped with plumbing installed in wall (onsite connections required)

Convenient & Inclusive

With an easily maneuverable layout including a toilet, shower, and sink, the S2 EnSuite allows residents living in areas impacted by severe weather to access hygiene facilities without having to face the elements.


The design of the S2 EnSuite is centered on our patent pending connection system with fewer bolts, making installation timelines even faster. Our innovative design maximizes shipping capacity for fast deployment at scale.


Residential windows, locking doors, smooth interior walls, and climate control options offer comfort and privacy. Integrated hygiene appliances make the S2 EnSuite a dignified space for residents to rest and plan their next steps.


Including all the essential safety features of the S2 Sleeper, the EnSuite model is also equipped with an exhaust fan. All construction materials are non-organic, making the shelter resistant to mold and mildew even in high moisture environments.

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