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S2 EnSuite

The 120 sq. ft. (11.15 m2) EnSuite is the new addition to our industry-leading line of rapid-response shelters, combining the comfort of our Sleeper model with the convenience and dignity of in-unit hygiene facilities. The floor plan can accommodate a bed, desk, and customizable shelving unit.

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Details & Specifications







  • Sleep area shares standard features of our 70 and 120 unit
  • One 70 CFM exhaust fan
  • On-demand electric water heater
  • Flush toilet
  • Standard wall mount sink with metered sink faucet
  • 48” x 34” stall shower
  • Curtain rod/curtain, Toilet paper holder, Towel hooks
  • 24” x 30” durable mirror
  • Engineered plumbing design

Optional Features

  • Freestanding twin XL bed frame
  • Freestanding desk
  • Twin XL mattresses fitted with bedbug-resistant covers
  • Programmable digital keypad entry


  • Fire extinguisher
  • Smoke detector
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Sturdy slab door frame with kick plate and peephole
  • Emergency egress casement window
  • Slip-resistant floor
  • Lockable exterior electrical load center


  • Standard manufacturer’s warranty
  • 15-20 year material lifespan
  • Resistant to mold, mildew, rot, and pests
  • Up to 155 mph sustained wind rating
  • 40 lb. per square foot snow load rating

Assembly & Storage

  • Rapid assembly and disassembly with minimal tools
  • Build and rebuild multiple times
  • Disassemble for flat storage or relocation
  • Disassembled size approximately 47.5"w X 213"L x 100"H
  • Packed weight 1,920 lbs
  • Assembled shelters moveable by forklift

Convenient & Inclusive

With an easily maneuverable layout including a toilet, shower, and sink, the S2 Ensuite supports residents with mobility issues and allows those living in areas impacted by severe weather to access hygiene facilities without having to face the elements.


The S2 Sleeper features advanced climate control options, robust fire, wind, and snow load ratings, and integrated smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Each shelter is equipped with a durable solid core locking front door with kick plate and peephole, along with a fire extinguisher and egress window in case of emergency. 


Residential windows, locking doors, smooth interior walls, and climate control options offer comfort and privacy. Integrated hygiene appliances make the S2 Ensuite a dignified space for residents to rest and plan their next steps.


The S2 Sleeper is designed and priced to fit the needs of true interim shelter. With its panelized design, it can be manufactured inexpensively, deployed and assembled with urgency, and act as a short-term solution for cities to aid their unhoused communities—all while providing comfort for residents. Units can be easily moved by forklift or disassembled and stored, preventing the possibility of becoming costly, long-term housing that isn’t dignified. 

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No one should go unsheltered when a shelter village can be built in a day.

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