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Serving as emotional support: Daisy and My Lady

August 3, 2022

A woman wearing a striped shirt kisses a small black dog, which is being held in her arms.

My Lady – a black and white toy chihuahua – is often dressed to the nines. Her black shirt is stamped with a pink heart and perfectly paired with a matching tutu. Daisy, her best friend and owner, cradles her.  

They have a mother-daughter relationship, Daisy describes it, which includes playing dress-up.  

Knowing her love of chihuahuas, Daisy’s youngest daughter gave her My Lady as a gift. They’re inseparable, taking it day by day in one of Los Angeles’ Pallet shelter villages.  

Before Daisy moved into a temporary Pallet shelter, she was evicted and living in her car. When the heater broke in December, it became unbearable.  

While on the streets, she worried My Lady would be hurt or taken away. Staying near the train station, Daisy was approached by a police officer who told her, “I think at this point, you shouldn’t have a dog.” Daisy panicked. 

“She’s more taken care of than anything, more than me. My Lady comes first,” she said.  

The past three years have taken a toll. Daisy lost her housing, saw her sibling pass away from COVID-19, and constantly worries about her daughter, who is on the street with a substance use disorder. Daisy was formerly a registered nurse but had to quit because of her disability. She needed surgery on her back and her ankle. 

Daisy eventually moved into a temporary shelter – without any pet restrictions.  

My Lady has been there for support. “She fills all those pains,” Daisy said.  

My Lady doesn’t just bring joy to Daisy. She’s got a personality to match her chic clothes. She’s a playful pup with furry and human friends. Instead of walking, she hops around like a rabbit, becoming a natural star of the show. She even has a well-known relationship with a German Shepherd. 

Daisy and My Lady are always side by side, providing each other unconditional love, laughter, and protection. 

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