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The Family We Choose 

Everyone deserves a dignified place to live, including people and their pets

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Building the Right Shelter

Families experiencing homelessness often refuse mass shelter, instead living in a tent or RV. That’s because congregate shelters have strict rules for entry. For example, shelters can be women’s only or have age limits. People cherish living with their children, partners, and pets. Cities should create a diverse mix of shelter options to address unhoused families.

A woman in a striped t-shirt kisses a small chihuahua in her arms.
A Pallet shelter village in California.A Pallet shelter village in California.

Our Model: Shelter and Services

In a Pallet village, all are welcome. We build communities with our rapid-build shelters, bathrooms, and more. Families connect with on-site services, such as job assistance, mental health assistance, and housing navigation. By living in a private village, residents have a safe place to stabilize. Connecting with services is essential to moving people toward permanent housing.

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Joy of Companionship

Unconditional Love

For people experiencing homelessness – especially for those living alone – pets are family. There are many benefits to having a companion, including providing emotional support, being good for establishing a routine, and having non-judgmental companion. By allowing pets into Pallet shelter villages, people are more open to accepting private shelter.

Resident Stories

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