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What’s in a name? How we chose Pallet

March 23, 2021

When you first hear our company name, the first image that comes to mind is often wooden planks forged together. It's an understandable reaction given what the word has come to represent over time. But unlike wooden shelters, ours are made of durable FRP panels that are resistant to mold, mildew, and pests. In one sense, Pallet is indicative because we stack each shelters' panels, place them on a pallet, and then ship them to destinations across North America. Pallet speaks to the functionality of our innovative solutions to human displacement. But that wasn't enough. Our name needed to reflect our values.

The driving force behind choosing the name is Pallet Founder and CEO Amy King, a self-described "linguistic nerd." She loves words and definitions, leading her to a name that reflects our mission as a whole. The early definition of a pallet is a straw mattress, or a makeshift bed to lift people up off the ground. When someone has a bed and a safe space to sleep, it allows them the opportunity to rest and plan their next steps. This is crucial for people experiencing displacement. One cannot start to improve their circumstances without having basic needs addressed. Our shelters lift people up because they offer dignity, a locking door, storage, personal climate control options, and more. They are built in a village setting to form a community where people can access wraparound services, develop camaraderie with other residents, and make positive transitions to more permanent housing.

A Pallet employee works on a shelter.

A Pallet employee works on a shelter.

Pallet as a name is also a reflection of our commitment to elevate our employees who build the shelters. We are a fair chance employer, which means we hire and invest in people actively engaged in recovery and reintegration. Some have lived experience with homelessness and are invaluable in the design process of our shelters. We offer competitive wages, healthcare, and a 401k plan — benefits that speak to our commitment to creating supportive spaces to heal and foster community.

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