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Dedicating Resources for more Impactful Solutions to Homelessness in Chula Vista, CA

Chula Vista, CA
66 Shelters (various sizes), 2 Community Shelters
Population Served:
Unsheltered singles, couples and families, pets welcomed
opening date:
May 15, 2023
Federal grants, state and county funds, private funds including donations from Ikea
build timeline:
Contact Pallet for detailed info

Download the Case Study

Download Chula Vista's project overview.

As the regional homeless crisis worsens, some homeless advocates question whether every city is doing its fair share to provide help. In response, the city of Chula Vista, CA created a department tasked with providing staff and resources to address the needs of the nearly 800 people experiencing homelessness in the city.

Chula Vista will be the first in the county to open 66 pallet shelters & offer wraparound services. I’m incredibly proud of the work our city & our Homeless Outreach Team is doing to combat the homelessness crisis.

- Mayor John McCann

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