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Tulalip, WA Case Study- A Washington Tribe is Healing from Within

Tulalip, WA
21 Shelters
Population Served:
Unhoused members of the Tulalip Tribes
opening date:
January 17, 2023
BIA Self Governance Funding
build timeline:

Download the Case Study

Learn how the Tulalip Tribes gained support from expert partners to overcome high rates of homelessness. Complete the form to download this project's case study.

The most vulnerable members of the Tulalip Tribe now have a safe place to recover and rebuild on tribal land.

This Pallet village is the latest achievement of this tribally coordinated crisis response aiming to close service gaps—including a need for more community outreach, education, and engagement to expand prevention and intervention efforts.

When I started researching this, I couldn’t find anything like it on a reservation. This is something special. Here on the reservation we all know each other. There are trusted relationships. There are family and friends. It can be intimidating to leave the reservation for those services. People do better in their recovery when they feel connected.

-Rochelle Lubbers, Chief Administrative Officer, The Tulalip Tribes

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