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General Shelter Safety

Keep the floor, all entrances, and all exits clear. Do not stand or climb on beds, roof, or other shelter elements.

Do not unscrew bolts, nuts, binding fixtures, or other structural hardware. Do not tamper with electrical panel.

Do not remove or tamper with safety features, including without limitation, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers. Smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries should be tested regularly.

Moving parts and sharp corners/objects may cause injury. Ventilate shelter as needed to ensure adequate oxygen levels.

Openings for air conditioning and windows are not suitable exits or entrances.

Beds and Shelving

Firmly secure the bed and all appropriate latches (in the upright position for storage, or sleeping position for rest, depending on intended use).

Beds must be used in the correct position. Beds are not suitable for any weight load when inverted or secured in the upright position.


Keep objects away from the heater, allowing a minimum clearance of 3ft. Shelter is not suitable for third-party heaters, do not use heaters that have not been approved by pallet. Heaters not approved include, without limitation, bbq, propane, and camp stove style heaters.


Any modifications made to the shelter (other than what is recommended by pallet) will void manufacturer’s warranty.

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