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Resume Not Required

May 4, 2020

When was the last time you updated your resume? Maybe it was the last time you applied for a job, and if you’re like the majority of job seekers, updating your resume during the job application process was a “necessary evil” where you opened the latest version of the document and made small changes to tailor your resume to the job you were applying for.

But what if you never made a resume before, and needed to build one from scratch without an idea what it should look like? What if you had to explain a period of unemployment on your resume? What if the reason for that period of unemployment was “because I was homeless,” or “because I was in prison?”

Nearly one in three Americans have some type of criminal record, and even a minor criminal record (such as a misdemeanor or an arrest without conviction) can create a lifetime of barriers that limit that person’s re-entry into society. This has an enormous impact on the financial security of not only that person, but their family as well. And even when someone with a criminal record decides to change their life for the better, their past follows them and can prevent them from getting a phone interview.

Futures Are Defined by Potential, Not History.

At Pallet, we believe that people’s futures are defined by their potential, not their past history. And as a company where the majority of the employees who build our shelters are formerly homeless, addicted, or incarcerated themselves, we know first hand the challenges that this population faces in finding and acquiring a job.

That’s why we’re no longer requiring manufacturing specialist candidates to submit a resume with their job application.

Instead, we’re asking applicants to complete a short online form that asks questions like “how many years of manufacturing experience do you have?” Unlike a traditional resume, the online form takes just a few minutes to complete. Candidates who have gaps on their resume, for whatever reason, don’t need to explain why they were out of work for a period of time. And finally, candidates don’t need to spend needless time building their resume for the job application, something we all can relate to.


More than a career.

Like our shelters, a career with Pallet can be a stepping stone into a life of stability. Our workplace environment supports learning, and we’re all continuously building a community that cares for and supports each other’s personal and professional growth. Employees who build our shelters receive more than just a salary for their work — they’re also provided with a long list of benefits like manufacturing training, life skills training, and personal support services:


We’re builders at heart — whether we’re building a shelter or someone’s future — and train our employees with the skills they need to be successful. These skills apply not only to building shelters at Pallet, but any building in the construction industry.


A life of stability requires more than a career and a paycheck. That’s why Pallet regularly brings community experts to its manufacturing headquarters to advise its employees on life skills, such as how to open a bank account or obtain an identification card.


Sometimes life happens and we all hit a speed bump — that’s why the team at Pallet is here to provide support, and help its employees through their personal challenges.

We invest in people.

At Pallet, we invest in human capital to maximize the potential of our employees and the communities they serve through the manufacturing of our shelters. We strive to build people up by providing meaningful, living wage employment in a supportive and purpose-driven environment.

We’re building Pallet to shelter the displaced during a time of crisis — following either a personal or natural disaster — and we’re hiring. Join us by applying for one of the open positions on our careers page.

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