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Accessible Hygiene + 
Half Bath

This 100 square foot (9.29 m2) hygiene structure is designed with accessibility features and satisfies most local ADA codes, all while providing residents with privacy and dignity. With the benefit of an additional half bath, it’s perfect for adding bathroom capacity or as an admin staff bathroom.

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Details & Specifications

Standard Features


Warranty & Certifications

Assembly & Storage

Standard Features

  • Exterior lights – 2 Photocell controlled LEDs 
  • On-demand electric water heater 
  • Two 120V convenience plugs 
  • AC/Heater (LG unit: Heater 3850 BTU, AC – 7500 BTU) 
  • Exhaust fans – two 70 CFM with humidity sensors
  • Two towel dispensers
  • Interior lights – two 4-foot LED strip lights
  • Easy to clean and sanitize non-organic materials that resist mold, rot, and pests


  • Independently inspected and approved by local Fire Marshal


  • Standard manufacturer’s warranty 
  • Certified to withstand 110 mph wind 
  • Certified to withstand 25 lb. per sq. ft. snow load

Assembly & Storage

Assembly & Storage

  • Structure comes fully assembled 
  • Plumbing fixtures installed onsite 
  • Must be connected to electrical power source, water, and sewer

Rapid & Efficient

To address your village’s needs with urgency, the Accessible Hygiene + Half Bath comes pre-built and assembled and can be installed in less than one day. Designed as a central part of the community, the bathrooms have minimal ongoing maintenance requirements and expenses.


Having a safe, private space to clean up is one element of our commitment to creating dignified communities. Our Accessible Hygiene unit has a combination of large sinks, porcelain toilets, private showers, and a convenient fold-down bench and changing area within the privacy of a personal unit.


The Accessible Hygiene unit is easy to clean and sanitize from wall to wall. All materials of construction are non-organic, making it resistant to mold, rot, and pests.


Built with commercial-grade materials, our bathroom structures stand up to repeated use. In the unlikely event of damage, individual components can be easily replaced.

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No one should go unsheltered when a shelter village can be built in a day.

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