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Community Room

Starting at $36,995

Paired with the dignity of personal sleeping cabins, Pallet’s community room provides residents with a central location to access meals and services. The durable structure is assembled in just one day. Choose between a 400 or 800 sq. ft. unit.

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Details & Specifications

Standard Features

Optional Features



Assembly & Storage

Standard Features

  • Locking door and windows
  • Secure ventilation system 
  • Structural floor with aluminum framing that can be placed on any surface
  • 10+ year material lifespan
  • Built of easy-to-clean and -sanitize materials
  • Resistant to mold, mildew, rot, pests, and bed bugs

Optional Features

  • Panels can be painted or wrapped in vinyl with guidance provided upon request
  • Multiple points for hanging plants or other exterior decorations
  • Air conditioning and/or heating
  • 110V electric connectivity kit 
  • Solar power system to power lights and cell phone charging in the shelter


  • 110 MPH wind rating
  • 25lb per square foot snow load rating
  • Fire extinguisher, carbon monoxide monitor, and smoke detector



Assembly & Storage

  • Disassembled for storage
  • Vaulted ceilings require a forklift to lift and put in place 
  • Build in one day
  • Disassemble up to 40+ times for storage or relocation
  • Easy to store flat when not in use
  • Panelized design for simple construction


The community room is long-lasting with a 10+ year material lifespan. The exterior – made of the same material as RVs – is resistant to mold, rot, and pests. It’s easy to clean, too. Disassemble the community room up to 40+ times for flat storage or relocation.


Made of prefabricated panels that are flat-packed for shipping, the community room can be assembled in one day. Pallet builds at scale: we build 50+ units a week, and we’re always growing.


The community room, available in multiple sizes starting at 400 sq. ft., is a hub where residents can gather to access meals, services, and connect with neighbors. The community room is a place to relax.


The Pallet community room can be equipped with a fire extinguisher, smoke and carbon monoxide detector. The floors are slip resistant, which is helpful when serving food and beverages. Close the community room at the end of the day; each door and window is lockable.

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No one should go unsheltered when a shelter village can be built in a day.

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