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Community Room

Paired with the dignity of personal sleeping cabins, Pallet’s community room provides residents with a central location to access meals and services. The durable structure is assembled in just one day. Choose between a 400 square foot (37.16 m2) or 800 square foot (74.32 m2) unit.

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  • Locking door and windows
  • Six 120V convenience plugs
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Water diversion with integrated rain gutter
  • All materials of construction are non-organic, reducing mold, mildew, and pests

Optional Features

  • 12,000 BTU or 18,000 BTU ductless mini split heating pump and air conditioner
  • Folding desk


  • Independently inspected and approved by local Fire Marshal
  • Emergency egress opening


  • Standard manufacturer's warranty
  • Certified to withstand 110mph wind
  • Certified to withstand 25lbs/ft2 snow load

Assembly & Storage

  • Assembles & disassembles with minimal tools
  • Dissasemble up to 40 times for flat storage or relocation
  • Assembled shelters moveable by forklift


The community room is long-lasting with a 10+ year material lifespan. The exterior – made of the same material as RVs – is resistant to mold, rot, and pests. It’s easy to clean, too. Disassemble the community room up to 40+ times for flat storage or relocation.


Made of prefabricated panels that are flat-packed for shipping, the community room can be assembled in one day. Pallet builds at scale: we build 50+ units a week, and we’re always growing.


The community room, available in multiple sizes starting at 400 sq. ft., is a hub where residents can gather to access meals, services, and connect with neighbors. The community room is a place to relax.


The Pallet community room is equipped with a fire extinguisher, smoke detector, and carbon monoxide detector. The floors are slip resistant, which is helpful when serving food and beverages. Close the community room at the end of the day; each door and window is lockable.

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No one should go unsheltered when a shelter village can be built in a day.

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